(500) Days of Summer

Director Marc Webb may be getting all the buzz as Sony’s new choice to helm the next “Spider-Man” franchise set to start filming soon, but only because of his gem of a film that won over audiences and critics earlier this year.  “(500) Days of Summer” is one of those films that came out of left-field for me.  I had little expectations for it, although I knew it was supposed to be pretty good.  To my surprise, this intelligent indie became my favorite “romantic comedy” in quite some time.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, carrying the reputation of one his generation’s best young actors, plays Tom Hansen.  Tom is a young adult with little motivation as a greeting-card author with no girlfriend–until he meets Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), a complex and mysterious young lady taking a new job at the office.  He’s instantly attracted to her, and the two eventually embark on a complex and mysterious relationship that defies the typical boy-meets-girl formula.  Tom is head over heels while Summer keeps just enough distance, creating a quiet tension between the two.

Throughout the course of the movie, the plot never strays into predictable Hollywood territory.  Marc Webb and writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber have crafted a very funny and emotional film that keeps things completely real, close, and honest.  Rarely do audiences get treated to such an interpersonal and understanding ‘romance’ (especially revolving young people) without a hint of the mundane or any cliche to bog it down.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is certainly one of the best young actors out there, and Zooey Deschanel compliments him every step of the way.  I didn’t quite know which direction this movie was going, but it was funny, effective, and truthful. This is the date movie of the year, and the past few years. 

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