I am a high school teacher with quite possibly the coolest subjects ever. I primarily teach Theatre, but I also teach classes on Film Making and Designing Video Games. (I know! How great is that?)

For the most part I don’t have time in my schedule to catch movies when they’re in the theatres, but from time to time there’s a film that just demands to be seen on the bigger screen. When that doesn’t work, I have a home theatre with a 9′ wide screen to fall back on at home.

I am a collector of films, good and bad, with a collection currently verging on around 900 DVDs. I think all films have some value to them. Even if it’s one particular scene, or performance, or the overall concept, or even the fact that it shows us what never to do if we want to make a successful film. My goal is to seek that out in any and every film I come across.

My current favorite films –
* Of course, the Star Wars series. (Yes, all 6 of them.) I teach an entire unit on Star Wars in my film classes.
* Garden State – an example of textbook film making, with a distinctive and consistent directing style.
* Serenity – the epitome of Joss Whedon’s genre-bending style, quick wit, and downright entertaining showmanship.

So there’s me. I hope to add a little something to the ol’ Walking Taco, and like I tell my students, it’s perfectly alright to disagree with me, as long as you can articulate why.