Walking Dead

barricadeCome gather ’round people, wherever you roam,

And help build a barricade ’round your new home,

For the hoards of undead, they have finally shown,

And their numbers are steadily gainin’.

If they catch you they’ll empty your cranial dome,

For the ghouls, they are a-brainin’!


Come writers, producers, who kill with your pen,

And pile up the bodies of all Rick Grimes’ friends.

But remember the pile must start moving again,

To become novice zombies in trainin’.

Thus the cast doubles face time while eating fake skin,

And the ghouls they are a-brainin’!


Senators, Congressmen, please yield the floor,senators congressmen

And prepare to be spattered with CGI gore.

Your elitist debates were of interest before,

But irrelevant now that blood’s rainin’.

All civil discussion is out of the door

While the ghouls, they are a-brainin’!


Come mothers and fathers throughout the land;food tin cans

Stock-pile fresh water and food in tin cans.

Your daughters and sons smell like honey-glazed ham

To a corpse who is rapidly agin’.

Get an ax and prepare to remove undead hands,

For the ghouls, they are a-brainin’.


Wake up form your nightmares, back into the fray.penny dead

Each day is a new game of Russian roulette.

For the scythe of the Reaper is ever in play,

And there’s no tellin’ yet who it’s namin’

To the staggering droves in all states of decay,

And the ghouls, they are a-brainin’.


Vampires, werewolves, please put it away.vamp zombie

Your menacing ways are officially pase.

Make way for the shuffling undead of today,

And retire with no more complainin’.

Move over and get used to sharing the prey,

For the ghouls, they are a-brainin’!

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