In a nutshell:  we review movies and TV shows.  Some current, some not, but each week there’s a few new reviews up along with a poll.

In greater detail:  here’s how it goes: As we watch movies and TV shows, we post reviews of them. Each written article might be a full-length review, or interesting things we noticed while watching, or an all-out rave or rant. Whatever you’re reading, I hope it’s at least enjoyable, and maybe even a little humorous or thought-provoking.

Walking Taco is not necessarily a place to find up-to-date reviews of mainstream movies and TV shows, though MJV does review new movies more often than TacoGrande or MovieSeal. All of us lead busy lives and we don’t always see the most current movies and TV shows, much less right when they come out. Instead we watch movies on Netflix, on DVR, TiVo, and maybe even the occasional good old-fashioned rental. If you are interested in some of the shows we are watching, or enjoy our (hopefully) unique take on the audio/visual entertainment medium, then perhaps you will stick around or check out the site from time to time.

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