12 Rounds



“12 Rounds” is the type of action movie we don’t see much in cinemas these days. A musclebound cop hero races around impressive action set pieces to rescue his girlfriend from a notorious criminal mastermind. Pro-wrestler and hip-hop artist John Cena fills the shoes of protagonist Danny Fisher, the cop having a really bad day.  This movie, from the producers of ‘The Marine’ (the atrocious Cena vehicle from 2006), is a blatant rip-off of ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ and ‘Speed’ blended together. The acting is mostly terrible, with Cena being the the worst presence of all. How this dodged the straight-to-DVD bin is beyond me. On a surface level this is an easily watchable action movie that’s not the worst you’ll ever see, but it really hinges on Cena’s shoulders and the man doesn’t have the charisma or delivery to carry the project. If he had a shred of the charm that made Schwarzenegger, Stallone or even Dwayne Johnson work so well in flicks like this one — it might have succeeded. As is, everything is pure formula and all of the performances are lame.

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