Fast & Furious 6

Well, it has been only a couple years since the last Fast & Furious installment, but Vin Diesel and company are back with a vengeance for the sixth (and not the last) time.  The only logical question for moviegoers is “has this Universal Pictures cash cow run its course?” After sitting through 130 minutes of pure unadulterated action, the only logical answer has to be, “not yet.”

fast and furiousJustin Lin is once again at the helm directing the massive amounts of fast cars and fantastical stunts the series has become known for. Both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprise their roles as the street-racing buddy duo of Dominic Torretto and Brian O’Connor. The Fast & Furious rat pack of Tyrese Gibson, former rapper Ludacris, Sung Kang, and Gal Gadot are also back to lend their expertise. And let us not forget the exploits of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, whose presence seemed to breathe some steroid-infused life back into series. This band of “heroes” is at it again attempting to stop the evil villain, Shaw (Luke Evans), whose evil plan is to steal the aptly named “components” to build something to sell to some bad guys for lots of money. Yeah, I don’t think the writers really cared about the whole plot thing either. The only thing you really need to know is that he has a master plan that will inevitably involve copious amounts of cars and carnage. Oh, and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) is somehow back from the dead despite assurances of her death and a funeral involving a body that was presumably identified by a licensed medical examiner.

I will quickly apologize if the brief synopsis implies a less than enjoyable movie, because the outcome is the pure opposite. There may not exist a more fun and action-packed movie this summer. No, this movie will never win any awards or be praised for its acting performances, but that isn’t and shouldn’t be the point. It seems that the script writers have fully embraced the sort of self-parody that is needed to make these films enjoyable. There are plenty of extremely humorous one-liners, many intended with a few not, and the action never stops. The pacing is very good and the action sequences are well done. Will there be times when you sit there and stare, mouth agape, at the completely unrealistic action sequence? Of course, but that only enhances the absurdity, and therefore, fun of this movie.

A movie like this is all about the specific expectations that one has going into it. This movie has a lot to offer both the cinephile and casual moviegoer if expectations of character and plot development are tempered while enjoying the exhilarating ride (pun intended). Fast & Furious 6 is a great way to spend some money if you enjoy popcorn-filled escapism amidst the increasing temperatures of the North American summer months. The best film in the hexology only fills me with hope that next movies will continue the trend.


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  1. For whatever reason this installment began to wear on me. It has even bigger action sequences than Fast Five, but I didn’t care much since the action continued the ‘Fast and Furious’ tradition of having zero consequences to any of the characters, heroes and villains, until they die. The multiple fist fights were well-staged and vicious, but none of the participants walk away with more than a tiny scratch. No one is ever at risk or in any real danger at any moment no matter how chaotic the scenario gets. No one. Not even the villains.


    Worst of all, the story never builds organically. From the far-fetched resurrected Letty device to Hobbs taking on Diesel’s criminal team to the villain putting up with Diesel’s team. The villain is of course some mastermind who ‘you can only get close to if he wants you to.’ Yet on two occasions the heroes have Shaw. They let him go. They have him again. They let him go. The villain could kill Diesel or others at multiple points in the film, and does not. Shaw could give up Letty to Diesel and make his problems go away. For no reason at all—he refuses. Paul Walker’s self-appointed mission to be sent to a maximum security prison in order to obtain a sentence-worth of pointless information from former villain Braga regarding “what’s up with Letty anyway?”—was so stupid! Diesel just goes and meets Letty anyway in the following scene and when Walker gets back, Diesel tells him to spare him the info.

    I know I’m ragging on the story of the SIXTH installment of the Fast and Furious series, but from a storytelling perspective the movie was so incredibly stupid, not silly or self-aware, but stupid. Worse than any of the previous films at least. That said, it had the best humor of the bunch and probably the biggest cartoon action. All in all it was a small step down from Fast Five for me, and I’d give it 2.5/5. It’s watchable, it’s entertaining, but it has no impact and no brain!

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